Private Tour | Pha Chor & Gyu Seu Ten (half day)

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Pha Chor Canyon was created after Ping River changed its course many years ago. The passing of time change the topography of a place and create strange sights as the hill eroded and changed into cliffs and soil pillars. This tour will bring you to discover the powerful of nature of Pha Chor and Gyu Seu Ten in Mae Wang National Park of Chiang Mai.



Pha Chor, Chiang Mai

Trekking Level: ⭐️⭐️⭐️


Pha Chor has been known as Chiang Mai Grand Canyon, it is located in Chiang Mai and managed by Mae Wang National Park. Pha Chor is natural phenomena caused by an uplift of one of the Earth’s plates and also by erosion of wind and rain.



Geologists believed that a hundred or a thousand years ago this area was a part of the Ping River by observing pebbles and stones that were distributed in this area until the Ping River changed its flow direction to another path and that made this area lift to high hill.



Through erosion the high hill formed into a cliff. Pha Chor is a 30 meter high cliff that has a structure like a huge monolithic wall or Roman pillar. With unusual natural features that are similar to the Grand Canyon in The United States of America.



The return trail is by another way through narrow path between walls created by erosion.



Gyu Seu Ten, Chiang Mai

Gyu Seu Ten is another greater cliffs and soil pillars located nearby Pha Chor Canyon of the Mae Wang National Park. You will find the signage of Gyu Seu Ten when you drive back to the entrance gate. 



It’s about 200 meter to climb up.



Powerful of nature


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Child(+3)(price/person): ฿750.00
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Child(+3)(price/person): ฿750.00
Special Price For 6 ParticipantAdult(price/person): ฿1,100.00
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AM 9:00Pick you up from hotel
AM 9:30Arrival at Pha Chor
Pha Chor trekking 0.5-1 Hr.
AM 11:00Gyu Seu Ten 45 mins
Back to Chiang Mai city
Approx. PM 13:00Arrival at hotel

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After tour dateCharge 100 % of total


1.The visiting order on the itinerary may be changed.
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