Booking & Payment

How to book

●  Please choose your preferred service plan.

●  After complete the application form, you will receive an automatic confirmation via email.

●  We will process your order request, please wait for our confirmation e-mail from
[email protected]” (We usually respond to emails within 24 hours.)

●  Payment Method:

   – Transfer to Thai bank account

   – Online payment (credit card)

   * You will receive an email reply to make payments from us.

Trustworthy Payment Gateway

We use Omise and Paupal, both are high security and trustworthy payment gateways, that customer able to make an online payment conveniently by using of your credit card without being the member. 


Notice: Customer have to responsible on all charges which would be charged from bank or payment service provider in the payment method. Those charges will depend on each bank’s policy or payment service provider. Omise and Paypal transaction fee rate is 3% per transaction. In case of making a payment via debit or credit card, you acknowledge and agree that your debit or credit card will be charged by Omise. For the total booking price of the travel services will be full amount at the time of the booking, plus transaction fee 3%(per transaction) separately charged by Omise or Paypal.

A sample calculation
Tour Amount: 1,000.00 THB +
Omise or Paypal Fee: 30.00 THB +
Total amount pay = 1,030.00 THB


Flexible payment options

Payment method fragmentation varies by region, however card payments are internationally available and are a dominant option for customers worldwide. Start with the basics by accepting all major card brands from around the world.

  • Credit Card

  • Others


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